Willie D DESTROYS Stephen A. Smith in EPIC Rant

Willie D, the host of Willie D Live, had rapper Juvenile on his show, and it was epic. Willie D went in on Stephen A Smith. It all started with Juvenile stating how much he loves sports and that he gets up every morning and watches ESPN and states that he watches Stephen A. Smith’s show First Take every morning.

It’s like you could then see the disgust in Willie D’s face. He’s like, man you watch First Take? You watch Stephen A? It was bad how Willie D was disgusted.

Juvenile tried to be neutral and said, “You gotta take the good with the bad brother.” But Willie D was not having it. There was a storm brewing up inside Willie D. It was about to get cloudy and rain and thunder was coming. But you still weren’t sure if Willie D was gonna go there. But guess what, he did.

Get ready, he goes off! Willie D prepares to unload, pause! He takes a deep breath and starts off heavy.



Juvenile gives the traditional response: I like the way he talks. I like the way he articulates himself.

Willie Dee seems like he’s in a staring contest with Juvenile, he’s not having it. Willie D fires off and explains why he don’t like Stephen A Smith. He calls him a company man and recalls when Stephen A famously posted: Everyday I wake up and try to figure out how I can make some money for my bosses and then I try to figure out how I can keep some for myself.

Stephen A did say that (watch video for screenshot).

Juvenile himself could not believe Stephen A said that. Willie D called that “straight slave talk” and guess what, Juvenile absolutely agreed.

Willie D was firing off and he was just heating up. He goes on to say: I don’t like when Black men are quick to attack Black men but won’t have the same energy for White men.

Yo, fighting words?!


Willie D reminds us about Stephen A’s rant about former NBA player Kwame Brown. By the way, that is something that Stephen A Smith has said he regretted doing.

Willie D continues and says that Stephen A goes out of his way to make inflammatory statements that hurt Black men’s pocketbooks that hurt their family and legacy as well.

Get ready for this: Willie D says also says that he doesn’t believe Stephen A loves Black people and shows this by his actions.

Willie D closes out the subject on Stephen A by saying that he doesn’t wake up everyday thinking like Stephen A, how can I make my bosses some money. He says, “I wake up everyday trying to be a better man.”

Willie D seems like he had enough and then gracefully segways off Stephen A into less offensive subjects.

What did you think about Willie D’s rant on Stephen A Smith? Did you agree? What are your first thoughts when you get up in the morning?

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And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Willie D: TO CARE ONLY ABOUT YOUR PAIN AND SUFFERING, AND DISREGARD THE EMOTIONAL TOLL OF OTHERS IS HYPOCRITICALLY SUB-HUMAN.

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