50 Cent’s Calculated Reaction To Stolen G Unit Chain

Rapper D Tay who was brought into G Unit through former G Unit artist Young Buck, recently spoke on 50 Cent’s reaction to stolen G Unit chain that he was wearing and got robbed for.

As D Tay describes in the video, it wasn’t his G Unit chain that he was wearing, at the moment he didn’t have one. He was actually wearing Young Buck’s G Unit chain, the G Unit spinner. He states that he grabbed it from the place where Young Buck had put it down and he hit the streets of Chicago with it at night to go out clubbing and such.

Rapper D Tay


However, to D Tay’s dismay, he would end up getting robbed at gunpoint by Chicago gangsters while talking to a group of people outside of a Chicago nightclub.

The Chicago gangsters noticed D Tay with the chain and fired a few shots and demanded that he give up the chain, which he did.

The story continues to unravel further when he goes back to his hotel room and tells Young Buck that he had taken his G Unit chain unbeknownst to him.


Then Young Buck, upset, calls 50 Cent on the phone to tell him that his G Unit chain was stolen, but not from him, but from D Tay.

Then 50 Cent tells Young Buck to pass the phone to D Tay, so that 50 Cent could address him on the chain being stolen.

D Tay states that when Young Buck passed him the phone, 50 Cent did not lash out or anything.

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To the contrary, D Tay states that 50 Cent asked him if he was okay. After D Tay assured him that he was okay, 50 Cent told him that’s all that mattered was that he was okay. But 50 Cent did tell him that, per safety protocol, he knows he wasn’t supposed to be out.

 Then 50 Cent told him to pass the phone to Young Buck and this is where the story takes an unexpected turn. D Tay says that after Young Buck spoke to 50 Cent,  Young Buck hung up the phone and D Tay was sent home immediately per orders of 50 Cent.


The Chicago gangsters who stole the chain from D Tay infamously brandished it on video recording and placed it on YouTube.

However, eventually the G Unit chain would get recovered and allegedly it was Chicago’s own Flores Twins, who at the time were notorious Chicago drug lords, who got the stolen G Unit chain back for G Unit.

What are your thoughts on the whole situation? Did D Tay fumble a bag? And do you agree with 50 Cent’s reaction to stolen G Unit Chain and his decision to send D Tay home immediately? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from 50 Cent: WISE MEN LISTEN AND LAUGH WHILE FOOLS TALK.

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