Warren G On Tupac After He Joined Death Row: He Was Different

Renowned West Coast rapper Warren G was on Drink Champs and asked by host Nore what Tupac was like after joining Death Row upon his jail release. Warren G responded: I aint gone lie, he was different. 

A highly favored question from Nore to his Drink Champs guests who knew Tupac is: Did Tupac change when he joined Death Row Records? Therefore, it was no surprise when he asked Warren G the same question.

However, the surprise was in Warren G’s response. Warren G said, “He was a little different.”



It seemed that Warren G had finally got the response that he was looking for, Tupac did change once he got to Death Row Records. But Warren G would go on to rain on his parade.

Warren G continued: “Yes, he was different. He was more serious.” In other words, as Warren G would explain, what changed about Tupac was his level of seriousness, not who he was as a person.

When you think about it, that makes perfect sense that Tupac became more serious. He had to become more serious because before going to jail he was shot 5 times and robbed. Therefore during his nearly one year jail sentence he had time to reflect on past occurrences, betrayal from people he perceived as friends and the like.


Therefore, by the time he was bailed out by Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight, it all makes sense that Tupac had changed and became more serious.

And Tupac’s level of seriousness was so evident in his work ethic. Tupac, in his short time from being released from jail, until his untimely demise, recorded hundreds of songs and starred in a couple of movies.

The implication from Nore every time he asks a guest if Tupac changed once he was released from jail and joined Death Row is that Tupac became a person that he wasn’t prior to joining Death Row.

The question though, is, If he did change, where is the fault in that? Don’t we all change? Was Tupac not entitled to change?

After all, it did seem like many of the friends around him changed, so why not him?

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Let us know what you think.


And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Tupac : IT’S TIME FOR US AS A PEOPLE TO START MAKING SOME CHANGES. LET’S CHANGE THE WAY WE EAT, LET’S CHANGE THE WAY WE LIVE, AND LET’S CHANGE THE WAY WE TREAT EACH OTHER.

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