Why Do I Love My Dog So Much

Why Do I Love My Dog So Much

We all seem to love our dogs so much. It’s almost unexplainable as to why we do. But is there a reason as to “Why do I love my dog so much.” In this blog post we delve deeper into that question and we’ll leave you at the end with a short video from rapper DMX explaining why he loves dogs so much. It’s a highly viewed video on Youtube and we thought you might enjoy it as well.

Without further ado, let’s get into the 6 reasons why you love your dog so much.


First and foremost, before we can talk about why you love your dog so much, we have to look at the physical makeup of a dog that makes them so lovable. Dogs are generally cute looking, independent of their breed. Though some dogs are “cuter” than others, they all have an affectionate look to them. This look is usually compelling enough to make us want to touch, pet them, even if we’ve never encountered the dog before.

It’s not an uncommon thing for a dog lover to be walking their dog in the park or in the street and strangers stop to look at the dog or to pet the dog. The physical makeup of a dog is a strong component of affection that humans feel towards them.


A dog’s excitement is an undeniable component as to why we love them. The energy and excitement that they display about the most mundane things is enough to warm our hearts and make us feel affectionate towards them. Think about how excited your dog gets when you arrive home from work. Doesn’t that make you feel great? Yes it does! And when we’re made to feel great by our dog, our affection for them grows. 

Dogs get excited about the simplest things and that makes us want to do those things for them because we know how much it excites them. We love to take our dogs on something as simple as a walk, because we know how much it means to them. We love to give them treats because we know how excited they are to receive them.


Dogs have their unique ways of showing love. We love that. We love when our dogs show us affection by laying down, not only next to us, but on us. Dogs don’t just want to be next to you, they want to feel you. Therefore they love to cuddle, they love to be petted. They love to graze when they walk past you.


Dogs, unlike humans, have the unexplained capacity to forgive and forget and to do so quickly. Almost instantly. Whether you yelled at your dog or stepped on its toes accidentally, your dog will not hold a grudge against you. Your dog will almost instantly forget about any negative occurrence and move on from it the moment that you approach it and show it repentance. The dog will never bring that occurrence up again or give you a silent treatment in retaliation for your behavior.


People who have dogs can testify that no matter how tumultuous their day may have gone, once they simply touch their dog, a sense of calmness, relaxation and appreciation comes over their soul. It’s as if the dog extrapolates all of the negative energy and replaces it with their loving energy. The results are almost instantaneous. It’s as if you automatically feel better once you physically touch your dog.


As affectionate and as loving dogs in and of themselves, another reason that we love them is because they need us to take care of them. We love the dependency that such a loving creature has on us. It’s a balancing act. We crave and appreciate their attention and affection and so do they, and at the same time they need us to take care of them. We love this.

We love to bring them joy by taking them on a walk. By feeding them and watching them eat it all up. We love to bathe them so that they can be fresh and smell fresh. We take them to get their nails clipped and hair groomed. It makes us feel great to make them feel great.


And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is and today’s is from rapper and actor DMX (video below): A DOG DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO LIE TO YOU. A DOG DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO BE FAKE. IT IS WHAT IS.  

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