Kanye West Interview

Kanye West On Republicans And Democrats Regarding Blacks

Rapper and fashion, designer, Kanye West, Yes, continues to make waves in the world. As of recently he was on the conservative media outlet, Fox News, as a guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight, and spoke about the plight of Blacks in America and what Blacks are “worth” to politicians.


Kanye stated that “Blacks have never demanded something for our vote.” He continues, “What are we asking for? How do we change our lives if all of the organizations and all of our colleges and even our titles as black were made by whit people?

He states that Black people need to communities “with all the municipalities that Dr. Claud Anderson talks about. He concludes, “We need that.”


He continues by posing a question, “What are we living for?” He goes on to answer his own question. Kanye states: “We’re living for the battle. What’s the battle? Life itself.” 

Kanye continued and listed a number of atrocities that have plagued the Black community. He says, “They’re killing us through the food. They’re killing us through the content. They’re killing us through the programing. We’ve been killing each other in the streets everyday. We’ve been getting killed by police officers, you know, everyday.”

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And when it came to politicians Kanye West, held no punches. He goes on to say that, “And for politicians all black people are worth is an approval rating. The Democrats feel that they don’t owe us anything and the Republicans feel that they don’t owe us anything.


May people are uncertain where they stand about Kanye West’s remarks as they feel that he has an agenda. To run for United States President in 2024. That remains to be seen but it certainly does seem that if he does make a presidential run it would be under the Republican banner.


And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Kanye West (video below): WE’RE LIVING FOR THE BATTLE. WHAT’S THE BATTLE FOR? LIFE ITSELF. OUR CHILDREN.

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