This Is What Triggered 2Pac To Go Off On Jay Z

Though 2Pac has been deceased for over 27 years, people still have questions regarding 2Pac. One of those questions being, why did 2Pac diss Jay Z and did so on quite a few songs.

As far as 2Pac dissing Biggie and Diddy it’s evident why 2Pac dissed them. He believed that they knew about him being set up to get robbed at Quad Studios in Manhattan that led to him being shot 5 times and they did not warn him.

However, Jay Z had nothing to do with the 2Pac Quad Studios robbery and shooting. So why go so hard at Jay Z dissing him on several songs?



People share differing sentiments on why 2Pac dissed Jay Z. Diddy’s former bodyguard Gene Deal was on the Cam Capone News podcast show and speculated on why 2Pac was mad at Jay Z and dissed him on records. He says it was because Jay Z did the song Brooklyn’s Finest with Biggie.

Given our familiarity and mindset of 2Pac at the time that makes perfect sense as to why 2Pac dissed Jay Z vehemently on songs and did so numerous times. Especially because of some of the bars that Biggie spit on the Jay Z song Brooklyn’s Finest where he subliminally dissed 2Pac.


Was 2Pac’s anger at Jay Z justified? Should Jay Z have stayed neutral in the beef and asked Biggie to rewrite or change his rhymes?

For example, Busta Rhymes has spoken on how he did not put out a Biggie verse on one of his songs because Biggie dissed 2Pac on the song.

Dame Dash himself has stated that during the Biggie and 2Pac beef they stood with Biggie. By doing so, did they pick a side?

2Pac’s Hit’em Up diss record is perhaps one of the most legendary and explicit diss songs ever. On the released version of the song there is no diss towards Jay Z. However, 2Pac did diss Jay Z on the song. But the Jay Z diss did not make it on the final cut because of technical reasons.

2Pac also dissed Jay Z on his Makaveli album on the song Bomb First.

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And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Tupac: TRUST ME, I NEVER LOSE. EITHER I WIN OR LEARN FROM IT.

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