Rick Ross And Drake: What Really Reignited Their Feud

Though Drake and Rick Ross have had slight differences in the past due to Drake’s beef with Meek Mill, who was signed to Ross’s label Maybach Music, it did not go to the extent that it is now at.

Meek Mill in an interview late last year revealed that during his beef with Drake Rick Ross had told him that it was only a matter of time before he and Drake would settle their dispute, which they eventually did.

However, now it is Rick Ross and Drake caught in a dispute and at the moment it looks like there is no end in sight.



Ross and Drake first appeared on the same song in 2009 on DJ Khaled’s “Fed Up.” And in 2010 they dropped their first collaboration with Drake featuring on Rick Ross’s “Aston Martin Music.” And the next year in 2011 they collaborated as well on DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One” that features Rick Ross, Drake and Lil Wayne.

With that said, Ross and Drake have collaborated at least 15 times on records. And Rick Ross has praised Drake on several occasions and spoken on their relationship stating that they have a close one.

He’s even bragged about Drake’s music talent stating that he is the 2 Percentile of rappers.

So what has changed so suddenly that the two, Ross and Drake, are now feuding with one another again?


It is alleged that the Ross Drake feud kindled over Rick Ross unfollowing Drake from his Instagram. Though the reason for such a move by Rick Ross is unclear, speculation from fans say it’s connected to a Metro Boomin tweet calling people to “pick a side”  after the Metro Boomin and Future collaboration project, We Don’t Trust you, which includes the song “Like That” where shots are taken at Drake.

Shortly after the release Drake would fire back with a diss record of his own “Push Ups (Drop and Give Me 50).” On the song he targeted primarily at Kendrick Lamar and Metro Boomin, he took shots at Rick Ross as well.

Since then the feud has been reignited with Rick Ross dropping a diss record of his own “Champagne Moments” of which he released a video as well.


And with the back and forth initiated the two rappers have been garnishing attention on social media platforms by exchanging accusations. Rick Ross has accused Drake of getting a nose job and has called him “BBL Drizzy.” And Drake has not been hesitant to react stating that Ross has “gone loopy off the Mounjaro,” referencing the weight loss drug.


Drake published a DM with his mom explaining to her the feud with Rick Ross. He wrote to his mom:

 “It’s coming from Rick Ross the guy I did songs with he’s gone loopy off the Mounjaro he hasn’t eaten in days and it’s turned him angry and racist he’s performing at proms for money it’s bad don’t worry we’ll handle it,” Drake wrote, referencing the weight loss drug.

The back and forth offenses have continued on social media and it would take much more time to list them all. What are your thoughts on the two former friends going at it? Is this a promotional money grab ploy or is there something beyond what meets the eye going on?

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And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Wiz Khalifa: BE WHO YOU ARE AND LET EVERYONE LOVE THAT PERSON.

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