LL Cool J Details Home Invasion

LL Cool J was recently on the Big Boy TV podcast and LL Cool J details home invasion that took place in his LA home. 

A 56-year-old man broke into LL Cool J’s Los Angeles home.

The LAPD received a phone call to inform the police that her father was holding an intruder in the basement. It turned out that the father was rapper and actor LL Cool J.

LL Cool J put to use the skills he’s picked up playing a Navy seal turned detective in NCIS Los Angeles, to keep himself and his family safe from the intruder.



On the Big Boy TV podcast LL Cool J was asked by Big Boy what happened on that night and LL Cool J goes on to explain.

LL Cool J said that it was about two in the morning and the alarm went off, the entry alarm.

He says that he proceeded to go downstairs in his underwear, and he was just walking downstairs and something told him not to turn the lights on. 

He said that as he walked down the steps, some Charles Manson look-alike guy came walking out of my kitchen and from there he says “we were off to the races.”

By off to the races LL Cool J meant that a brawl ensued.

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And it’s apparent who won the brawl. It was reported that LL Cool J broke the burglar’s nose, jaw, and ribs.

LL Cool J told the authorities that he acted out of concern for his family safety.

A representative of LL Cool J later stated that “LL Cool J and his family are safe and thank every one for the thoughts and concern.” Continuing he said, “As a father, husband, and citizen, LL Cool J is committed to keeping his family safe.”


The intruder was a Texas native and has a record of thefts, disorderly conduct and other criminal activities across Los Angeles and Orange counties.

Court and prison records indicate that he was sentenced to five years in prison for burglary in the 1990s and three years in prison for petty theft in 2005. He also has another theft conviction for which he served time in jail, the record shows.


As someone stated in the video comments, the intruder should be happy to be alive because mama said knock you out. It would’ve been a lot different if it was, shoot first ask questions last.

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And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from LL Cool J: I GOTTA THANK GOD, CAUSE HE GAVE ME THE STRENGTH TO ROCK HARD. KNOCK YOU OUT. MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT. 

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