Ice Cube vs Common: What Really Started Their Beef?

Ice Cube vs Common: What Really Started Their Beef?

Hip Hop has had some intense beefs and Ice Cube and Common’s beef was certainly one of them. It was way more intense than you think.

In this video we delve deep into the notorious beef between two rap legends, Ice Cube and Common. We uncover the real reasons behind their clash, the heated exchanges that took place, and how this beef that went beyond words eventually came to an end.

The Hip Hop world was shocked when Ice Cube and Common started exchanging diss tracks, but what really caused this rift?

Ice Cube being from LA, started his music career in the late 80’s with N.W.A and eventually moved into a solo career and later formed the rap group WestSide Connection. His lyrics often touched on themes of street life, racial issues, and social commentary.

Whereas Common, being from Chicago, started his rap career in the early 90’s is known for his conscious raps, which often includes themes of love, spirituality, and social justice.

With that said, how did these polar opposite rappers become embattled in a rap beef?



Well what triggered the beef was when Common released the song “I Used to Love H.E.R.” from his 1994 album Resurrection. In this song, Common personifies Hip Hop as a woman and critiques the genre’s shift towards gangsta rap and its commercialization.

On the song Common lamented on how Hip Hop had changed from its roots to something more violent and materialistic.

Thus that initiated the Ice Cube vs Common beef. Ice Cube felt that Common’s song was a direct attack on West Coast rap and gangsta rap, which he was a significant part of.

Ice Cube responded with the track “Westside Slaughterhouse” by his group Westside Connection. The song contained direct and indirect shots at Common, defending the gangsta rap style and the West Coast hip hop scene.

The beef between the rappers escalated further when Common clapped back with “The Bitch in Yoo,” from his 1996 album One Day It’ll All Make Sense. On this diss track, Common explicitly dissed Ice Cube, calling him out for what Common saw as the exploitation of gangsta imagery.

So in the Ice Cube vs Common: What Really Started Their Beef? We are clear that it started on wax with both rappers exchanging disses.


The shift in their beef came with the untimely deaths of 2Pac and Biggie in 1996 and 1997, respectively.

With the killing of both rappers, this prompted Minister Louis Farrakhan to take swift action to end this beef between the two rappers to avoid any further bloodshed in Hip Hop.

In 1997 Minister Farrakhan arranged a meeting with Ice Cube and Common. He invited both rappers to his home in Chicago for a private discussion. The setting provided a neutral and respectful environment for both parties to express their grievances and perspectives.

The Minister urged them to consider the broader impact of their feud and he highlighted the need for solidarity and cooperation rather than conflict and division.

The meeting was successful, with both Ice Cube and Common agreeing to end their feud.

Now, nearly 30 years later, Ice Cube and Common remain friends and have even collaborated on movie projects.

This reconciliation was significant not only for the two artists but also for the Hip Hop community. It demonstrated that conflicts could be settled through dialogue and mutual understanding. No blood was shed.

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And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Minister Farrakhan: WE ARE ALL GIFTED, BUT WE HAVE TO DISCOVER THE GIFT, UNCOVER THE GIFT NURTURE AND DEVELOP THE GIFT. AND USE IT FOR THE GLORY OF GOD.

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