How Tupac Beat Shooting Two Off Duty Cops Case

One of the many monumental occurrences in the short life that Tupac lived was not only him shooting two off duty police officers but him actually beating the case and walking out of the courtroom a free man.

As to why and how Tupac shot the two off duty cops brothers Mark and Scott Whitwell there are a couple accounts of exactly what happened that led to the officers being shot by Tupac on October 31st, 1993.



One of the accounts is that the off duty police officers were crossing the street when the vehicle that Tupac was in or one of the vehicles that belonged to his entourage nearly hit the one of the off duty officers while crossing the street.

And then there is the notable account more often described as accurate that the incident occurred because the two off duty cops were beating up a motorcyclist of color in the middle of a street.

It’s alleged that Tupac had his vehicle pull over and he confronted the cops about their actions toward the Black bystander. It’s alleged that one of the officers drew a gun on Tupac and told him to get back in the vehicle.

Upon Tupac returning to his vehicle it’s alleged by eyewitness accounts that one of the officers shot at Tupac and missed and/or smashed a window of the vehicle.

It was then, according to reports, that Tupac got out the car, got on one knee and fired at the two off duty cops. Based on eyewitness accounts, the two off duty police officers ran as Tupac started shooting at them.

Tupac’s aim was good enough as he shot both off duty officers. Bullets from his fire arm hit off duty officer Mark Whitwell in the abdominal area and off duty police officer Scott Whitwell was shot in the buttocks.

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A few hours later Tupac was arrested at the hotel he was staying in for the shooting of two off duty officers. He was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and was released in the morning on a $55,059 bond until the hearing on December 1st, to determine if the case will be sent to a grand jury.

The two officers were released two days later from Grady Hospital after receiving treatment for their gun wounds.


During the first trial a month later the Whitwell brothers admitted to carrying stolen guns with themselves and at the same time a discovery was made that both off duty police officers were drunk during the shooting incident with Tupac.

On top of it all the Whitwell’s were found guilty of lying about whether Shakur was the aggressor or not. The jury discovered that Shakur was merely trying to protect the motorcyclist, who was being assaulted by the two armed men and only pulled out a gun once the Whitwell’s had done the same and started the aggressive confrontation through their own actions.

One of the off duty officers Mark Whitwell was eventually charged with shooting at Tupac and lying to the police, and in Oct. 1995 Fulton County district attorney Louis Slaton dropped the charges against Tupac with assistant district attorney Charles Hadaway saying Tupac acted in self defense.

Tupac shot two white off duty police officers and got off scott-free.


And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Tupac: DEATH IS NOT THE GREATEST LOSS IN LIFE. THE GREATEST LOSS IS WHAT DIES INSIDE WHILE STILL ALIVE. NEVER SURRENDER.

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