Dee-1 Goes Off About Rappers Lying In Their Lyrics

Rapper Dee-1 from New Orleans, Louisiana, who is categorized as a Christian rapper for his faith based lyrics was just on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast show and it got really serious when he got to talking about rapper Fat Joe lying in 95% of his raps and Lil Wayne lyrics.

If you’ll recall, several months ago Fat Joe, speaking on the Young Thug case on the now canceled CNN show, King Charles, said that he lied in about 95% of his songs.

Well, Dee-1 takes a stand against this and speaks on how harmful it is for rappers to lie in their songs, even though they claim it’s for entertainment purposes only.



The show’s host Math Hoffa, a rapper himself, a battle rapper, takes a stand where he defends rappers having the right to lie in their raps.

Math Hoffa’s point is that it is up to parents to guide their children and let them know that the music isn’t real. That it is simply entertainment.

However, kids, especially Black teenage kids are not listening to rap music as purely entertainment. They are actually listening to it as if it’s the truth and on occasions have been inspired to live out the lyrics they hear in the songs.


Dee 1 raps the lyrics from a Lil Wayne feature on Juveniles’ Lil Boyz song of Tha G Code album. He explains how the lyrics were detrimental to him as a teenager.

Math Hoffa closes out by saying that we should not look to rappers for leadership. That is something that resonates with what Malcom X said over 60 years ago.

What are your thoughts as far as rappers being held accountable for their lyrics? Are their lyrics purely entertainment or should they be held to a standard that’s beyond entertainment purposes only?

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And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Dee-1: THE GOAL IS NOT TO BE THE MOST LIKED. THE GOAL IS TO OBEY GOD AND DO WHAT YOU KNOW IS RIGHT.

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