Cam’ron Goes Off About Jay Z: He Only Cares About Money

Cam’ron Goes Off About Jay Z: He Only Cares About Money.

Rapper, mogul and billionaire Jay Z is known for receiving much criticism regarding his money making decisions.

His Roc Nation partnership with the NFL to handle the Super Bowl Halftime performances is an example. The deal was struck in the midst of the Colin Kaepernick taking a knee controversy.

At that time it seemed like Jay Z was siding with Kaepernick’s protest, then boom, he signed the deal with the NFL on behalf of Roc Nation to handle the Super Bowl Halftime Show performances.

The deal at the time was reported as a 5 year deal for 25 million dollars.

In support of his new venture with the NFL, Jay Z even went as far as saying: I think we’ve moved past kneeling.



And as of today, Jay Z has been receiving much criticism and again football is involved. The criticism of Jay Z is coming heavily and it’s spearheaded by former NFL wide receiver, Antonio Brown.

He criticized Jay Z for opening up for Tom Brady’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony on June 12 at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts and this is why.

Antonio Brown posted on X: “Jay didn’t perform at any Hip Hop 50 concerts last year where the fans would’ve known every word to his songs, but he makes time to get ignored by rich folks smh.”


That’s right, in 2023 Hip Hop turned 50 and Jay Z did not perform at a single venue to commemorate Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary. That is a snub, especially when you consider that without Hip Hop it’s very unlikely Jay Z would be where he is today.

However, that same year he did perform at the Louis Vuitton 2023 Men’s Fashion Show in Paris alongside his friend, rapper and music producer, Pharrell Williams.

With that said, many people shared similar sentiments as Antonio Brown’s. A comment read: “Jay sold out years ago!! He love bending over for the rich white folks.”

Another said: “A true house ni**a. Jay Z would tap dance with blackface on if they told him to.”

Someone else said: “That check must’ve been good, cause Jay don’t perform.”

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Another person that voiced his opinion on his and Mase’s It Is What It Is podcast show is Cam’ron.

The rapper and entrepreneur was part of Rocafella Records in the early 2000’s as he had a joint venture with the label.

Cam’ron commented on Jay Z not performing at any of the Hip Hop 50 ceremonies and goes as far as saying that Jay Z is not in love with Hip Hop. That he makes decisions based on money. He explains (watch video).


These are similar sentiments that have been expressed in the past by one of Jay Z’s former business partner and friend, Dame Dash:

Now back to Cam’ron’s comments. We all know that Jay Z thinks in strategic fashion and Cam’ron alludes to what Jay Z’s strategy may be:

Cam’ron goes as far as saying that Jay Z doesn’t love Hip Hop, at least not like Nas.

Cam’ron concludes by agreeing with Antonio Brown, but gives Jay Z some benefit of the doubt:

What are your thoughts on the fact that Jay Z did not perform at a single Hip Hop 50th anniversary celebration but did perform at Tom Brady’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Do you share similar sentiments with Antonio Brown or Cam’ron?

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And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Cam’ron: PEOPLE ONLY GO TO PLACES THEY HAVE VISITED IN THEIR MINDS FIRST.

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