Cam’ron Explains Why You Should Never Play With The IRS

Cam’ron explains why you should never play with the IRS.

Today we’re getting into details of why you should never mess with the IRS, even if you’re a platinum recording artist and entrepreneur worth millions like Cam’ron.

If there’s one government agency you definitely don’t want on your radar, it’s the IRS – the Internal Revenue Service. Their job? Collecting federal taxes and enforcing tax laws.

Overall, what the IRS does in great part is make sure that the U.S. Government, on a federal level, that is, the legislative, executive and judicial branches has the necessary funds, money that is, to fund their operations and services.



And it takes a lot of money to fund The US Government. For example, The US Government’s budget for the year 2024 is a massive 6.8 trillion dollars.

And majority of that money for the budget comes from taxes. Including income taxes, payroll taxes, corporate taxes and other federal taxes.

And it’s the IRS’s job to make sure that money’s there.

With such a daunting and monumental task, they’re gonna come for whoever they believe is violating them. Especially when it’s people with large amounts of money, like Cam’ron.


Cam’ron on a recent episode of his podcast show It Is What It Is with co-host Mase, gave some advice to Lil Durk for saying that he would pay Lebron James 60 million dollars to go and play for the Chicago Bulls along with his son.

Cam’ron gave Lil Durk a stern warning.

Cam’ron also explained how the IRS came for him after his infamous 60 Minutes interview where he said he wouldn’t tell. Here’s what he said on 60 Minutes (watch video).

Cam’ron also explains how the IRS brought his millions of dollars account to negative 20 thousand dollars after his 60 Minutes segment.

He closed out with words of advice to Lil Durk and anybody flashing enormous amounts of cash on pictures and posting them on social media:

What are your thoughts on the IRS wiping Cam’rons account from millions of dollars to negative 20 thousand dollars?

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And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Chris Rock: YOU DON’T PAY TAXES. THEY TAKE TAXES.

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