What Is Emotional Intelligence

What Is Emotional Intelligence & How To Develop It

We can all recall moments in life when we acted or reacted based on emotions. At the thought of many of those instances we cringe when we think of what our reaction was. The reason is because, for the most part, when we act solely on emotions, we don’t react in the most reasonable way because we don’t know what is emotional intelligence. 

Therefore it’s important to know how to manage our emotions so that we can control our emotions and not have them control us. That is, we must have emotional intelligence. But what is emotional intelligence?


Emotional Intelligence (EI) is generally described as a person’s ability to perceive, understand, use, manage and handle emotions. EI is such a crucial aspect of human development because it impacts all aspects of your life.

After all, we all have emotions, it’s a natural human development. There is no living person that does not have emotions. However, the persons who develop emotional intelligence stand out from those that do not.

A person with high emotional intelligence is one who does not randomly lash out or is controlled by what they feel. The individual who has developed a high EI manages, controls and understands their emotions.


Knowing what is emotional intelligence and applying it to your relationships is crucial to their sustainability. If you lack emotional intelligence you’re prone to ruin relationships, unintentionally. The person who lacks emotional intelligence will often push people away because they tend to offend them when they go into their emotional outbursts.

The lack of emotional intelligence will cause you to say things that you don’t mean, but now you can’t take them back because they’ve been said. People with low emotional intelligence will also act and behave in ways that others find repulsive and childish, to say the least.


Recognize Your Lack Of Emotional Intelligence: In order to develop a high degree of emotional intelligence it is first and foremost and of utter importance that you recognize and admit that you need to develop emotional intelligence.

Until you come to grips with yourself that emotional intelligence is an area in your life that you are struggling with and need to improve upon, you will never learn to master your emotions.

Be Proactive In Pursuit Of A Solution: If you’re going to learn to use your emotions for good, then you must make that an active and deliberate pursuit. You’re not going to get better at emotional intelligence by accident. You have to make a concerted and wholehearted effort.

We recommend that you befriend people who have a high degree of emotional intelligence. Take courses in person or online in emotional intelligence. Watch videos, attend conferences and/or seminars and read books on the subject. 

Most importantly, we recommend that you apply what you learn. Don’t become resentful or develop an adverse mentality to what you are learning. Take it into consideration and apply it. Otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ is Daniel Coleman’s #1 Best Seller on emotional intelligence. It has a 4.6 out 5 stars rating on Amazon based on 7,675 ratings. It’ll be worth the read in your goal of becoming better at managing your emotions.


It’s going to take serious effort and dedication to become the opposite of what you are at this moment as far as emotional intelligence. Once you start to get a hang of emotional intelligence you will actually discover that it’s a lifelong process, for everybody. And the more you improve on your emotional intelligence and start to see the result of it, the more you will be willing to embrace this life long commitment.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from rapper and entrepreneur Jay Z (video below): I WAS THOUGHT EVERYTHING GROWING UP, EXCEPT EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

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