The Sad Story Of How Eazy E Got The D.O.C’s Publishing

The D.O.C, the West Coast Hip Hop legend from Dallas was featured on a recent Drink Champs episode. On the episode he took time to break down how the rapper and label owner of Ruthless records, Eazy E, got him to give up his publishing for songs that he wrote for Eazy E on  Eazy’s debut album Eazy Duz It released in 1988.



The D.O.C states that when they were working on the NWA debut album, Eazy E’s Eazy Duz It was already a gold album. That is, it had sold 500 thousand copies or more.

At the time The D.O.C states that Eazy E was buying dookie rope chains for the members of NWA and that he himself wanted Eazy E to buy him a dookie rope chain.

Eazy E being the businessman that he was told The D.O.C that he would buy him whatever dookie rope chain he wanted and some other accessories.

However, that came with a stipulation. Eazy E told The D.O.C that he would buy him whatever jewelry he wanted that day so long as he handed him over the rights to his publishing for the songs he wrote on Eazy Duz It.


And as naive as it sounds, The D.O.C accepted the proposal from Eazy E. He willingly handed over about a million dollars worth of publishing in exchange for 3 thousand dollars worth of jewelry.

Much sooner than later The D.O.C ended up regretting the decision he made of forfeiting his publishing for a few pieces of jewelry. Being young at the time and not knowing the repercussions of handing over his publishing, when The D.O.C  got into the car accident in 1989 that nearly cost him his life and his voice, is when he discovered what giving up his publishing really meant. And once he did, he said he was destroyed.

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The D.O.C is officially credited as a writer on three of the songs on Eazy E’s Eazy Duz It Debut album, Still Talkin, We Want Eazy and Eazy-er Said Than Dunn.

Was that a savvy move on Eazy E’s part to obtain millions in The D.O.C’s publishing in exchange for 3 thousand jewelry  or was it one where he took advantage of The D.O.C’s lack of understanding of the music industry to obtain his publishing. As it stands today The D.O.C still does not own his publishing, though he said there’s been talks with Eazy E’s wife about getting them back.


And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Simon S Tam: ISUCCESS IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY ISN’T SOMETHING THAT YOU WAIT FOR OR HOPE FOR. IT IS SOMETHING THAT YOU CREATE, DAY AFTER DAY.

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