Suge Knight Regrets Ignoring 2Pac Warning

You won’t believe the startling warning Suge Knight ignored from 2Pac – it will make you rethink everything!

Former music executive Suge Knight is currently serving a 28 years prison sentence at a California Correctional Facility.

In his most recent episode of Collect Call With Suge Knight, he opened up about the grave mistake he made by ignoring a warning from the iconic rapper 2Pac.

In the world of music, few relationships have been as impactful as the one between Suge Knight and 2Pac. 

A relationship that came to mainstream attention when Suge Knight bailed 2Pac out of jail in October 1995 for $1.4 million, while also signing him to Death Row Records.



These two Hip Hop icons came together and would go on to shape the rap scene by 2Pac dropping legendary albums and Suge Knight financing them. Together they would leave a lasting legacy in the industry.

It’s no mystery that 2Pac was a revolutionary figure with Black Panther influence as his mother was a Black Panther herself.

In 2Pac’s own words, this is why he advised Suge Knight not to use off duty police officers for security at Death Row Records.

It was because cops had used similar tactics to infiltrate the Black Panther Party to dismantle the organization (watch video).

A warning that could have changed everything. The trajectory of Death Row Records and that of 2Pac’s life as well.


Cuba Gooding Jr. recently shared a story of off duty cops protecting 2Pac on the day he was murdered.

The Oscar winning actor alludes to a conspiracy as he is dumbfounded that the off duty cops that were protecting 2Pac were not present at the time of 2Pac’s killing (watch video).

What are your thoughts on 2Pac’s warning to Suge Knight? Do you agree that Suge Knight made a mistake by hiring off duty cops for security?

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And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Suge Knight: MY WORST DAY ON THE STREET IS BETTER THAN MY BEST DAY IN PRISON.

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