Method Man Says Suge Knight Puff Daddy Diss Divided Hip Hop

Method man was recently on Drink Champs and Nore brought up the infamous 1995 Source Awards where Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight went up on stage to receive the soundtrack of the year award and jabbed Bad Boy Records CEO Puff Daddy by stating that if you’re an artist who doesn’t want the executive producer in your video dancing to come to Death Row.


Suge Knight’s comments were clearly targeted at Puff Daddy who as an executive producer was nearly on every Bad Boy artist’s song with vocals and/or in every music video of his artists.

In hindsight many of us can now say that was the moment that the Suge Knight and Puff Daddy beef went public and caused what Method Man calls a divide in Hip Hop.

Nore interjects and asks Method Man if the Suge Knight comment caused a divide in hip hop or in East Coast versus West Coast.


Method Man goes on to reassure him that the Suge Knight diss caused a divide in Hip Hop but the media, and names Vibe Magazine a culprit, turned it into an East Coast versus West Coast because it was more profitable for them.

Many believe that Method Man kept it 100 with his statement and will agree that Vibe Magazine was a major culprit in promoting the East Coast versus West Coast agenda.

An agenda that fueled record sales but would eventually spiral out of control and lead to the untimely demise of two of Hip Hop’s biggest stars, Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.

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Tupac, shortly before his death had reiterated a similar discourse to that Of Method Man’s where he stated that the media was making it a East Coast West Coast war.

However, many argue that it was not the media’s agenda that caused an East Coast West Coast war but the rappers who created diss tracks towards one another, subliminally or directly, radio interviews, music video diss implications and the like.


What are your thoughts on Method Man’s comments that the Suge Knight Puff Daddy diss at the 1995 Source Awards caused a divide in hip hop? And do you agree with him that it was the media coverage that fueled the beef between Suge Knight and Puff Daddy into an alleged East Coast versus West Coast war? Or was it something that rappers themselves brought into hip hop with direct or subliminal disses on records or music videos?


And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Tupac: DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR. REAL EYES, REALIZE REAL LIES.

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