How To Overcome Fear

How To Overcome Fear

If there is one single thing that keeps people from living their dreams and attaining the life that they want it’s fear. We live in a world where we’re taught to fear, and we don’t even realize it. There are many people living in fear and they have no idea on how to overcome fear.

To overcome fear it takes a deliberate, diligent and consistent process. We get into how to overcome fear in this blog post.


Fear, for many people, comes from their childhood. The fear of doing and/or saying certain things because of the punishment for doing so. After all, fear is a tool used by many parents to discipline children.

Think about it. We instill fear in our children and at times, unaware of doing so. When we threaten to take the video game away from them if they don’t behave in school, it’s the fear of losing the video game that leads them to behave well. In the short run the parent gets the desired result. A behaving child. But what does it do in the long run?


As the child grows and becomes an adult, fear accompanies them. After all, fear has accompanied them through their youth, why would it leave now? The fear becomes so ingrained in the child that they don’t even recognize it as an adult.

That’s why you have many adults going through life fearing just about everything. For example, the fear of trying, the fear of failing, the fear of fear, the fear of traveling, the fear of new experiences, the fear of people and the list goes on and on.


Many people, unbeknownst to them, can’t start their day without their daily dose(s) of fear. How is that so you ask? Think about it. How do most people start off their day? With the news. Television news. Newspapers, hard copy or online. The news and news outlets are perhaps the biggest promoters of fear in society. 

It makes sense because if news outlets can get you to fear then they can control you. Think about it. How do they keep you from traveling to a particular country? By telling you horrid stories about that country. How do they get you to stock up on food? By telling you there’s a storm coming, that never came. How do they get you to get a certain vaccine? By telling you if you don’t you’ll get sick and possibly death. How do they get you to not like someone? They tell you the person is dangerous. 

The examples of fear mongering in the news  are countless, but all with one goal. To instill fear in you. Because when you fear you’re controlled, just like when you were a child.


The question remains, how do I overcome fear? As we stated earlier, to overcome fear it takes a deliberate and conscious effort. You must first recognize that you are actually in fear and that fear is keeping you from taking actions that can better your life. 

Once you recognize that you are living in fear, the next step is to decide that you are going to overcome your fear. And the best and recommended way to overcome your fear or fears is to face them. Whatever it is that you fear you must face it head on.

OVERCOMING FEAR is 5 star rating book by Creflo Dollar on Amazon with over 284 reviews.

Lavonne’s review reads: Absolutely Informative!!!!!!! I highly recommend this book!!!!! I Learned sooooooo much, and it has definitely helped me in MANY ways!!!!! I’m reading it for a second time!!!!!


Now that you faced your fear head on and overcame it or are overcoming it, you must stop feeding your mind with the same images and thoughts that led you to fear. You must restructure and revolutionize and guard what you feed your mind. You need to become mindful, pun intended, of what you let into your mind.

If you don’t guard your mind, the fear will eventually make its way back and become stronger and more dominant.


And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Kanye West on how to eliminate all fear (video below): IF YOU INSTILL THE FEAR OF GOD, YOU ELIMINATE THE FEAR OF ANYTHING ELSE.

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Now, go forth and change the game! 

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