How The Dame Dash And 50 Cent BEEF Traces Back To Jay Z

How The Dame Dash And 50 Cent BEEF Traces Back To Jay Z regarding a comment Dame Dash made about Jay Z that 50 Cent reacted to on his Instagram.

Former music executive and now television network owner Dame Dash is one not known to hold his tongue, pause! From his 2015 Breakfast Club interview where he stated that real men want to be their own boss

To him legendarily checking No Jumper podcaster Adam22 back in 2022 for saying “this is not what Black people want from Kanye West”:

He’s also gone off on former music manager Steve Stoute, head of YouTube Global Music Lyor Cohen, and Vlad from  VladTV, calling them culture vultures, the Weinstein brothers and the list goes on and on.

And Dame’s been sending us warnings about the rap music industry and some of its artists involving with underage girls.

And be sure to stay to the end as Dame explains why he stopped going to parties, like the Diddy parties (watch video).



If you’ll recall, in 2022, Dame Dash, while on Nick Cannon’s podcast show, cleverly answers a question that had been lingering in the minds of Hip Hop fans and Jay Z fans for a long time. Did Jay Z sleep with female rapper Foxy Brown while she was underage?

At that moment in time when the podcast was released it seemed like 50 Cent didn’t like Dame Dash’s response.  He chimed in on Instagram saying: “Dame is a real sucker for this. He trying to get Jay jammed up.”


Following 50 Cent’s post, Dame Dash was not hesitant to respond (watch video).

Now, fast forward to 2024 and 50 Cent has no problem getting Jay Z “jammed up,” if he can. In light of Diddy’s numerous lawsuits, home raids he goes off at Jay Z, a close associate of Diddy.

In a recent Instagram post 50 Cent said: “Jay in hibernation he ain’t coming outside till this Ish with puff blow over, no brunch, no lunch, No dinner. LOL.”

There are also rumors that allege that 50 Cent has said that Jay Z is next. 

By next it is meant that he’s the next one to go down with Diddy.

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And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Nas: IF YOU’RE SCARED TO TAKE CHANCES, YOU’LL NEVER HAVE ANSWERS.

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