These are our collection of articles on dating. Insightful tips and advice for when you’re dating. Dating is of great importance and plays a major role in impressing on your significant other your intentions and desire to take the relationship further.


You want to date with the intention of it going further. Not to just date for dating sake. You’re not dating to practice. You’re dating to develop a meaningful relationship with a person that values and cherishes you as much as you do him/her.

Dating The Right Person

When you date you’re most likely looking to get a feel for the person. You want to discover and know if the person you’re dating desires to walk in the same direction as you. When dating you’re looking to find out how compatible you are with the person. Is it a dating process of just going through the motions or are you two going somewhere special in your relationship? These and others are questions you must answer to find out if the the person you’re dating is the right person to keep on dating.

Keep It Real

The process to finding out if the person you’re dating is real is for you to keep it real yourself. Be who you truly are with the person. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Always be yourself. If the person loves what they see, great! If they don’t it’s better to know earliest than to find out much longer down the line.
Always be your true self. Don’t hide who you are to please the person. Otherwise you won’t be pleased with you. Plus, we’re sure the person you’re dating wants to know the real you, not someone you pretend to be.

Money And Marriage

Money And Marriage

Something that concerns all of us is money. The reasons are obvious. We live in a world, for the most part, that you can’t live without money. But when it comes to money we all have our own set of beliefs on it, whether wrong or right. How much do we spend? How do we

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