AZ Explains Why He Didn’t Want The 50 Cent Beef

Rapper AZ is considered by many to be one of the most lyrical MC’s whose pen has touched paper and has been labeled by many fans and notable media outlets as perhaps the most underrated rapper of all time.

AZ was introduced to the hip hop world in Nas’s classic debut album with a feature on the song Life’s a B***h.



From that song onward AZ would eventually get a record deal and make hip hop history with notable songs such as Sugar Hill, notable guest appearances and as a member of the group The Firm a long with Foxy Brown and Nas and other members.

With that said, let’s get into the former 50 Cent and AZ beef.

As of recent AZ was a guest on Math Hoffa’s podcast and the question of his former 50 Cent Beef arose. If you’ll recall, 50 Cent dissed AZ on the Get Rich or Die Tryin movie release soundtrack on the song, What If.


AZ eloquently and coolie explained how received the diss from 50 Cent by stating that he didn’t want to go in that direction because it could of lead to altercations beyond music (details in video above).
But with that said, AZ did not just receive the diss from 50 Cent and walk away quietly. He did respond to or one could say address 50 Cent in his mixtape song release, Royal Salute:

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What are your thoughts on AZ’s non responsive response on not wanting to be involved in a beef with 50 Cent? And not doing so for the sake of things escalating beyond music?

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from AZ: HOW CAN I BE WEAK, I’M RATHER UNIQUE.

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