50 Cent Conversation with Tyler Perry regarding Monique's career

50 Cent Conversation With Tyler Perry Regarding Monique’s Career

Rapper and film producer 50 Cent is no stranger to controversial statements. However, his latest headlines is one in defense of actress Monique Angela Hicks, known professionally as Mo’Nique. In this post we highlight the 50 Cent Conversation with Tyler Perry regarding Monique’s career.


In the Big Boy TV interview 50 Cent outlines his conversation with Tyler Perry over Monique.

He starts of by questioning why Monique is cancelled and then veers into his conversation with Tyler Perry. After stating that Tyler Perry would never support harm to Monique’s career, 50 Cent reveals what the details of their conversation. 

5o Cent states: “He [Tyler Perry] never told anybody, nobody not to work with her. When I talked to him he was like, nah, see I never told no one not to work with her. And I said, but you Tyler Perry and you never told anyone to work with her.” 50 Cent continues, “and he was like, I never looked at it like that.”


The relevance of this conversation stems from Monique’s Oscar winning performance in the feature film Precious.

Precious was executive produced by Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry. Monique took home the Oscar for best supporting actress in Precious. However, instead of her career flourishing she actually seemed to disappear from the movie making industry.


The rumor was that she wasn’t cooperative and refused to promote the movie unless certain financial demands were met. With that came accusations that she was demanding, etc.

And from that time onward she pretty much couldn’t get work. This also led to accusations that powerful film industry people, including Tyler Perry, told film makers not to work with her. However, according to 50 Cent’s conversation with Tyler Perry, he never told anyone to not work with her.

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Precious was released in 2009 and now over a decade later, we hope that the 50 Cent Conversation with Tyler Perry regarding Monique’s career can help resolve issue regarding Monique’s “allowance” to work.

As always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Monique: SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO FORGO DOING WHAT IS POPULAR IN ORDER TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT.

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