Orvalle Williams: Television and Film Actor

Orvalle Williams is a star in the making. He hails from Detroit and now resides in Los Angeles. In his young acting career he has made numerous cable and television network appearances.

Orvalle’s latest credit is a recurring role on Tyler Perry’s “THE OVAL” on the BET NETWORK appearing in Season 1 episodes 3, 8, 9. His credits also include Co Starring on Season 1 of the Golden Globes & Emmy Award Winning series ATLANTA on the FX Network. In addition he co starred in the Netflix Original Documentary series “Drug Lords” as Vernon “Shorty” Lucas.

Since planting his feet in Los Angeles Orvalle was featured in the 2018 Bet Hip Hop Awards Commercial, and has also booked supporting roles in independent films. Including, 19 Summers & South Central Love, the movie.

We had the opportunity at ChangeTheGameTV.com to interview Orvalle and he dropped some game:

Most men have to make the first move as far as approaching a women to let her know he’s interested. Does it ever happen with you that women approach you? If so, can you tell us about a particular occasion where this happened?

To be completely honest often times women shoot their shot with me. I have had women initiate the first contact through social media often. I’m very DM friendly and I also Slide in the DM’s (laughs).

There are also times where I’m a in a public setting, for example, a grocery store line, airport, etc., where I and a woman will share eye contact and have an organic conversation.

In general, what is it that makes you want to approach a woman? What is it that makes you interested or gets your attention upon seeing her? Be honest.

A woman’s physical attraction motivates me to approach her. I’m a person who is very secure with myself and confident and at this stage in my life I don’t fear rejection. If I see a woman I’m attracted to I will shoot my shot. I can be honest and say that the women I go out of my way to approach there’s usually a factor of lust and sexual attraction.

What’s some game you can give to a brother that is single and is looking? And also, for a sister that is single and looking?

Some advice I can give to single men and women is to don’t settle. Be very clear with your intentions from the start and as feelings grow or change communicate that to the person you’re with.

You’ve been grinding it out so hard, making appearances in cable and television network series’ and Netflix. What has been the secret to the recognition you’re gaining?

My secret is really my tenacity. I have no fear with taking risks with my career and how I approach my career. Also I’m not afraid to be my unapologetic self.

This industry is built on relationships and who you know. Because of that I feel a lot of actors play it safe, or are scared to burn a bridge, so they will compromise there true essence and self to get ahead.

If I can’t get it by being unapologetically Orvalle Williams then I don’t want it. From my experiences I have found when you reveal yourself…what’s right for you will just come to you.


You can follow Orvalle on Instagram at @OrvalleWilliams or on Facebook.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is themed on acting: WANTING TO BE A GOOD ACTOR IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. YOU MUST WANT TO BE A GREAT ACTOR. YOU JUST HAVE TO HAVE THAT.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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