Lucy Cautinho: Author of Sand And Sea

Lucy Coutinho is an Author, Educator, and Content Creator. She is the founder of Luce Inspiration, a positive media company using words and multimedia to empower and heal. Her most recent book release is Sand And Sea. As she says, “It’s a book of prose.”

She was born on the island of Fogo in the country of Cape Verde and immigrated to the United States with her mother and brother at the age of five. Lucy’s core message is to collectively help to raise the vibration of our planet, one story at a time. Her work is a response to her personal healing and self-development journey.

Lucy has held inspirational talks, given journaling workshops, and has participated in panel discussions at various women’s empowerment events. Lucy resides in Los Angeles with her life-partner, Ahmad and their children.

We had the opportunity at to interview Lucy:

What inspired you to write Sand And Sea?

I started writing a book about relationships, a few years back but decided to go in a different direction. I wanted to challenge myself to writing more poetry. In doing so this allowed me to compile different written pieces. The next thing I knew, I had enough to put into a book. It was a great way for me to accept this challenge of trying something new and I am happy that I did.

Writing poetry has helped me to travel to a deeper space within myself. It also felt so liberating to break grammatical rules. I felt less confined and more free to just create.

What advice can you give to someone who wants to publish a book? Advice as far as publishing itself.

My advise is to do just do it. To do your research, and execute. I have self-published both of my books, something that I didn’t think would even be possible. There are ample resources that will guide you through the process. I am doing an IG Live on July 23rd at 8p EST to answer questions about my publishing process. I get asked such questions all of the time.

What is your writing routine? How do you get in your writer mode?

I seek out inspiration before I write. It could be through deep conversations with my friends or my partner. I love nature, so I get out often to really feel and take in all of its beauty. There is this record that I play often when I begin to write. The name of it is Empty by Yoste.

I hope to meet him one day and thank him personally for inspiring me to create. Lastly, I like to be in a calm and peaceful space before I write. I would encourage that one finds a routine that would help him/her to get grounded and centered. Meditation, yoga and journaling always help me also.

At Change The Game TV we love to give game on relationships. As a woman who lives with her life partner and children, what do you find to be some of the key things to having a loving, happy and sustainable life long relationship?

Some of the key things to having a loving, happy, and sustainable life long relationship is becoming friends with your partner. My partner is my best friend first. I respect him as a human and always view him as such.

I had to do a lot of work before attracting a healthy relationship. I wasn’t always in a great space and my choices in partnerships reflected that. I had to first accept myself fully, fall in love with myself so intently, and value myself first. I encourage everyone to start at that space. From there you can attract the type of connection that is right and healthy for you.

Since you’re Cape Verdean living in Los Angeles, can you tell us a little about the Cape Verdean community in LA?

I am huge on community but since moving here, two years ago, I haven’t really connected with Cape Verdeans. It is however my intention to get more involved with the Cape Verdean community once life resumes back to normal. That is, post COVID-19. There is a huge Cape Verdean community out here in Los Angeles and I look forward to connecting with them.


You can order Sand And Sea by emailing Lucy at: or you can DM Lucy on Instagram @luce.inspiration.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is themed on writing: THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT: YOU SIT DOWN AT THE KEYBOARD AND YOU PUT ONE WORD AFTER ANOTHER UNTIL IT’S DONE. IT’S THAT EASY AND THAT HARD.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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