Leandra Ansah: Attorney And entrepreneur

Leandra Ansah is an attorney and entrepreneur and she made time to give us an exclusive interview where she gives us game and insight into being both an attorney and an entrepreneur.

Without further ado:

Leandra, you’re an attorney. What law do you practice?

I currently practice Tort Litigation on the side of defendants. To sum it up, tort litigators handle the full spectrum of personal injury and property damage cases.

What do you enjoy most about being an attorney?

For me it’s the opportunity to create persuasive arguments and to argue different perspectives. I’m sure most people have heard the phrase there are three sides to everything. My side, your side, and the truth. Lawyering is a lot like that.

What advice can you give to aspiring attorneys?

Determination and perseverance is key. Becoming a lawyer changes how you think fundamentally. You have to be cognizant and become comfortable with that change.

Because the law is such an all encompassing thing, there is no aspect of your life, or how you interact with the world, that will not be forever changed. This is because of your understanding of the law and the potential legal ramifications to everything you do.

You’re also an entrepreneur. What entrepreneur business are you involved in?

Yes, I am an entrepreneur. I recently started a socially conscious luxury hair and lash extensions company called Black Star Extensions (BSE).

I put a lot of intention into my business and my reference to my business being socially conscious is not a gimmick. The mission of my business, Black Star Extensions, is that it’s a place “where it is not enough to to look good, but to do good.” Our purpose is to challenge our customers to think beyond the superficial and to find creative ways to financially support Black and African women in the diaspora.

Black Star Extensions does this by donating 10% of its yearly proceeds to two charities @worldwidefistula and @ghanaianmothershope.

How did the name of your business, Black Star Extensions, come about?

The name of Black Star Extensions was intentional. “Black Star” is a nod to my African roots. My family is from Ghana and Ghanaians are often referred to as “black stars” because of the black star in our flag, among other historical reasons 🇬🇭.

Are there parallels/similarities in being an attorney and an entrepreneur?

There are so many! I can’t even cover them all. And it’s because, as I mentioned earlier, the law is so all encompassing.

Every business transaction involves legal theory because every transaction is a “contract” between you and your customer.

Being an attorney is already a service based industry so I find a lot of the skills I use in advocating for my clients are equally useful in providing a superior customer service experience for my customers.


You can reach Leandra on her Instagram or you can also visit Black Star Extensions on their Instagram page or website, www.blackstarextensions.com.

As always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is about entrepreneurship: IT’S NOT ABOUT IDEAS, IT’S ABOUT MAKING IDEAS HAPPEN.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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